Hi! I make images and animations

Mostly of things that don't yet exist. Like a building still on the drawing board, a new ship design, or a concept design for a future product.

Most of my work is done with the help of 3D computer software. That allows me to make photorealistic images of existing as well as non-existent things, probable scenarios or even impossible ones. A ship can be made to spin around in the air or a house can be assembled from pieces in less than a second.

The possibilities are as broad as your imagination.

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How does it work?


The workflow varies from one project to another. However, it is normally something like this:

The input for the 3D model can vary from 2D CAD drawings when available to a rough sketch or in some cases just a description or an idea.

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Who am I and how can you reach me?

My name is Dan and I live in Brussels, Belgium. I do most of my work for clients in other countries though, so location is really not all that important.

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